Get to know us

Lou Watkins

Lou adores Mid Century vintage, which is fortuitous given she is approximately the same age. Clearly, therefore, her romantic match would be an antique dealer with a passion for anything dating from the 1970s.

Until then she revels in a single life that means never compromising on wallpaper choices, sharing shoe storage or justifying the number of scatter cushions on a sofa. Patterns and colour abound in her eclectic 1930’s home where vintage nestles next to high street and her art and book collections fractionally exceed gin bottles.

Kyla Magrath

Mum-of-two, Kyla, after 20 years on building sites behind a paintbrush, has swapped her bib and braces for moodboards and is now a self-employed interior designer.

Decor fearless, Kyla is a hands-on DIY diva happy to give anything a go, with a love of dramatic textures, moody colours and glamorous finishing touches. Find Kyla hunting out a Brocante bargain in France or treasure hunting at an antiques fair.  She’s here to help with any of your ‘DI-Why did I start this?’ questions when your nerves kick in, providing painterly tips and DIY hits.

Marcie Koburnus

Marcie, upcycler extraordinaire, lives in a world whereby if the Wombles ruled she would be Queen. Her days (and nights) are spent “taking those everyday things that folk leave behind” and turning them in to unique, jawdropping pieces. The craft of making do and upcycling is more than a passion for her, it’s a deep-seated need or itch that needs to be scratched or painted!

You can catch up with what she is doing in her monthly feature in the amazing Reclaim magazine or visit Bristol’s Vintage Market in the eclectic Stokes Croft area BS1 3PY.