How to Make A Christmas Wreath Without Wreathing Havoc

…a middle class punch up over some pruned branches

We’ve all seen them. Those beautiful fresh garlands adorning doors as we flick through Instagram, or go about our day to day business,  drooling with envy at yet another person that is proudly displaying their newly discovered wreath making skills after having a great time at a workshop. Yes…. I’ve definitely seen them and whilst I would love to attend a workshop, asking me to part with £45 just before Christmas to make something that technically is going to be wilting in a couple of weeks is like asking me to forego wine at the weekends…’s not going to happen.

‘Bits & bobs’ or in the case of those bells, more like ‘bits & boobs’!

However, I refuse to let monetary matters get in the way of my decor and it just so happened Lou was totally up for saving some pennies. So…..on a freezing cold Wednesday we got together, I brought bay tree branches, plus left over bits and bobs I thought might be useful….Lou supplied tea, gin and unlimited access to her garden ……a wreath making match made in heaven!

Let me reiterate by saying that this cost us nothing…yes NOTHING. It also only took about an hour to make. I started by just looking around the house for something round and came up trumps with a broken drum lampshade I had thrown out in the garden…once taken apart that would give us two rings….a double score on my behalf I think.

Next, I knew I needed something that could attach the foliage to the rings and yet again came up trumps with some garden wire, but finding the florist wire in the back of my cupboard was the real win.

With hats and gloves on we were ready to battle the elements in Lou’s garden and went to town pruning branches and beautiful hydrangea heads…the ultimate Instagram friendly plant.

I was originally just going to do mine all in bay branches, however, Lou was getting anxious there wasn’t going to be any left for her.

So to avoid a middle class punch up over some pruned branches, I switched to using ivy at the bottom of mine. Always be prepared to change a design process in order to keep on friendly terms with said friend when they’re supplying the gin. Christ knows what it must be like at workshops? I wonder if there has ever been an “incident”, especially when you throw in free prosecco?

Basically, all the formula for making a wreath involves is attaching foliage to something in order to make a circle. How hard can it be? Well it was harder than we thought and quite boring truth be known. We laid branches down….wound wire around them…..laid more branches down…..wound wire around them. You get the picture.

However, once it starts to take shape the excitement sets in and that’s when it becomes fun. Adding in flower heads to different parts, discussing whether to have some ivy casually hanging down, would it be too much to spray some bells and paint them in leopard print for the middle of mine? Obviously it is too much…. which makes it a YES from me!

Now the real fun begins. Once you’ve tied your ribbon on and poked around with your perfect arrangement….you can take a picture of it and post it to all your social media accounts….you know …the only place where wreath making matters.


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